25 Jun 2010

Bougainville ministerial appointments reflect need for South and Central representation

8:42 am on 25 June 2010

Elected representatives from South and Central Bougainville feature prominently among the 13 ministerial appointments announced by the new President of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

John Momis, who was sworn in as President earlier this month following last month's poll, has allocated five ministries to North Bougainville, four to Central Bougainville and three went to South Bougainville.

A Post Courier journalist, Gorethy Kenneth, says while Mr Momis won most of his vote in the north, he recognises a need to address certain imbalances in the rest of Bougainville.

"(Peace and) Reconciliation was rightfully given to the south, and Veteran's Affairs to central; even the Natural resources portfolio, which covers mining, went to a person from Iori village or Iori constituency, which covers the mining area."

Meanwhile, Rose Pihei, the female member for South Bougainville, was appointed Minister for Community, Women and Youth.

The President will look after Inter Government Affairs and Autonomy Implementation.