6 Jul 2010

Archaeologists in Vanuatu find two more ancient skeletons

6:34 pm on 6 July 2010

Archaeologists in Vanuatu have discovered the skeletons of two infants believed to be 3,000 years old.

The discovery was made at the Teouma excavation site on the island of Efate where a total of 62 skeletons have been found since work was started there six years ago.

Stuart Bedford of Australia's National University says Teouma is a unique site in that the Lapita ancestors' skeletons and pottery have been found in the same place.

Dr Bedford, who's been researching the culture and origins of the people of Vanuatu, says they think the Lapita people were burried with pottery when they died.

Next year, Dr Beford and his team will move on to the Malakula and Erromango islands, where pieces of Lapita pottery have also been found.

This week, the Vanuatu Cultural Centre will exhibit the Lapita pottery and skeletons to mark 30 years of independence.