8 Jul 2010

Samoa NGO appalled at death threats

10:04 am on 8 July 2010

The NGO Samoa Victim Support Group says death threats it received are unacceptable, suspecting they are linked to a guilty verdict of a police inspector.

Fineaso Aimaasu was found guilty last Friday on five counts of indecent assault.

The Group's President, Lina Chang, says the police began investigating claims of sexual misconduct after Victim Support helped a complainant in the case.

Ms Chang says her staff discovered the written death threats under the door of its main office which is next to the police headquarters.

She says the notes are unacceptable and says they called the police immediately.

"The threats that if this person goes to prison, there is one way out for us as well; getting killed or getting shot, things like that. To me it was not too serious at the time we received it. And I hope it's just somebody trying to make us scared. That's about all."

Lina Chang says staff are now working on erasing the incident from their minds.