14 Jul 2010

Nauru's political stalemate unchanged

4:15 pm on 14 July 2010

Nauru's Government says a state of emergency remains in place, and there's no indication of any breakthrough in the months' long political stalemate.

Last week the caretaker President Marcus Stephen adjourned parliament until further notice after sacking the Speaker Aloysius Amwano, claiming he was stalling attempts to elect a president and resolve the impasse.

Caretaker Finance Minister Dr Kieren Keke says the state of emergency allows the Government to function.

"At the moment we're required for financial purposes to maintain the emergency powers of the President so that we have some supply and some financial provisions to ensure that government can continue to deliver services. Since the last sitting of parliament which was only about a week ago there hasn't really been any movement so at this stage there's no indication there's any likelyhood of a break in the stalemate immediately."

Nauru Finance Minister, Dr Kieren Keke.