22 Jul 2010

Amnesty International hopes UN will pressure PNG over treatment of women

1:41 pm on 22 July 2010

Amnesty International expects the United Nations will call on the Papua New Guinea Government to do more to combat violence and discrimination against women.

Two PNG women this morning addressed the UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

They spoke about the domestic violence, sexual assaults, persecutions and unequal treatment many women in PNG face.

The committee is due to issue a formal review of what the PNG Government's done to protect women's rights since it signed the CEDAW convention in 1995.

An Amnesty International spokesperson, Hannah Harborow, says this review could boost for the fight for women's rights in PNG.

"I'm anticipating they might come quite hard on the PNG government, while they'll appreciate some of the steps they've made, I'm hoping that they'll really call on them to make some serious commitments and, between now and the next reporting period in a few years time, that they've really shown that they've put a lot of things into action, that it's not just all talk."

Hannah Harborow of Amnesty International.