10 Aug 2010

Lack of money behind the failure of women in Solomons' election

1:24 pm on 10 August 2010

A spokesperson for the National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says women do not have the money to compete with men in the national election.

All 25 of the women who stood in last week's election have failed to make it to parliament.

Sarah Dyer, who led a Women in Leadership team which providing training some women candidates, says in part that's because of cultural attitudes towards women.

But she says those attitudes are slowly changing.

However, she says its impossible for women to compete on a level playing field because they lack the financial resources.

"Politics in the Solomons involves a lot of money and it was so evident, even months before the elections that there were a lot of candidates who were using a lot of money to lure voters to vote for them."

Sarah Dyer says the election results are disappointing and they will be renewing their call for reserved seats for women.