16 Aug 2010

Micronesian group to challenge to Hawaii health plan

3:44 pm on 16 August 2010

A newly formed Micronesian group opposed to Hawaii's new health plan is fundraising so it can bring a lawsuit.

The Micronesian Health Advisory Coalition is appealing for donations for the legal defence fund against the Basic Health Hawaii Plan which was implemented on July the 1st.

Our Marshall Islands correspondent, Giff Johnson, says the health plan limits the services available to citizens of the countries under the Compact of Free Association.

He says for instance they no longer qualify for kidney dialysis and chemotherapy.

"This has been an issue, an ongoing issue for people in the Marshallese and Micronesia community up there; is that they've got people whose lives depend on dialysis treatment and without dialysis, they'll be dead within a matter of days."

Giff Johnson.

The Coalition says it has an agreement with the Lawyers for Equal Justice, but they will charge 20 thousand US dollars.