19 Aug 2010

Retiring Samoa MP wants more women in Parliament

1:42 pm on 19 August 2010

A retiring veteran MP in Samoa is calling for more women to enter politics.

The Associate Minister for Commerce, Industry and Labour, Hans Joachim Keil, says he'll end his 23 year political career at the end of the current term.

He says he wants to give others time to consider running for his constituency and says including more women in Parliament is a very positive way to go.

"We need more participation from the women we have, we have four women Members of Parliament this time and I'd like to see a whole lot more in Parliament, I think they work better than us men."

Hans Joachim Keil says he will be devoting more time to his businesses and family once he retires from politics next year.

Mr Keil is suing the United States Government for wrongful arrest and imprisonment after he was charged with immigration offences in Missouri last year.