26 Aug 2010

Vanuatu MPs to observe Euroepan parliament

5:42 pm on 26 August 2010

Vanuatu's Brussels-based Ambassador to the European Union, Roy Micky Joy, has made it possible for members of parliament from Vanuatu to go to Brussels to study how the European parliament works.

Mr Joy told the Vanuatu Daily Post Newspaper that the first five parliamentarians will be led by the Speaker of parliament, George Wells.

He says at the end of next month, the group will attend two weeks' training in the European parliament in effective debating of new bills.

Mr Joy, who is currently in Port Vila, says the Speaker is ready to lead the delegation to Brussels.

Meanwhile Mr Joy says the trip is also an opportunity for the MPs to observe how a modern parliament works and sign an agreement for MPs from both Vanuatu and the EU to exchange visits.