23 Sep 2010

Tuvalu puts onus on developed countries for MDG progress

2:17 pm on 23 September 2010

A Tuvalu diplomat says developed countries must recognise their role in helping the developing world reach the Millennium Development Goals.

A UN General Assembly session is being held in New York to review progress towards achieving some of the goals, which include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, reducing child and maternal deaths and promoting gender equality.

Tuvalu's permanent representative to the UN, Afelee Falema Pita, says while his country has made progress in achieving the MDGs, these successes can be easily and quickly reversed by its economic and environmental vulnerability.

"We must direct our attention to the responsibilities of the developed world. Much of the discussion around the MDGs has focused on developing countries and what actions they need to take to address their deficiencies in achieving the MDGs. Regrettably, little attention is given to the clear role that the developed world needs to play to avoid exacerbating the problems of developing countries."

Afelee Falema Pita says leaders must acknowledge that the lack of progress in addressing climate change as one of the greatest challenges to achieving the MDGs.