14 Oct 2010

MP wants Samoa casino restrictions to be challenged

4:37 pm on 14 October 2010

An opposition MP in Samoa, Taua Faraimo, says hoteliers should speak up about only two casino licences being planned as part of legislation now before Parliament.

He says this restriction will mean tourists and the money will flow only to those two hotels with the casino licences.

The Palauli West MP says hotels without casinos should be allowed to install gambling machines.

But the chairman of the parliamentary committee that reviewed the bill, Fonotoe Lauofo, says the introduction of casinos needs to be done in a measured way.

He says it's best to start with a small number and gain an understanding of casinos first, with an understanding that more licences can be issued later.

Parliament has passed in its third reading the Gambling and Casino Control Bill which allows for casinos to be operated by hotels, with only foreign passports holders allowed to gamble.