15 Oct 2010

Police report challenged in American Samoa police killing case

3:50 pm on 15 October 2010

The lawyer representing Siaumau Siaumau Jr, who's charged with the murder of American Samoa police officer, Lieutenant Liusila Brown, wants a new police report of the incident, saying the one he has been given is incomplete.

Tautai Aviata Faalevao claims the report has intentionally left out mention of an assault on his client by officers who questioned him after he was arrested following the shooting on July 21st.

Tautai says an affidavit by Siaumau Siaumau Jr states that he was beaten by officers for more than an hour at the Fagatogo police station.

He had stated that high ranking police officers were present and did nothing to stop the assault.

Tautai says the alleged beating should be included in the police report of the incident since it happened the same day the alleged killer was arrested by police.

He's filed a complaint about the missing information with the commissioner of Public Safety and the prosecutor, the assistant attorney general, Mitzie Folau.