4 Nov 2010

Clinton offers PNG technical help with managing natural resources

6:12 pm on 4 November 2010

The US Secretary of State says her country stands ready to help Papua New Guinea translate its natural resources into widespread prosperity.

Hillary Clinton's four-hour visit to the capital, Port Moresby, last night, included meetings with the Governor General, women's advocates as well as the Prime Minister and selected Cabinet Ministers.

In an ABC recording of her meeting with Sir Michael Somare, Mrs Clinton says the State Department's energy, governance and capacity initiative is designed to help countries such as PNG to handle the changes that accompany natural resource projects.

"We want to provide technical training for your scientists and engineers. We would like to provide job training so that it will be the residents of your country who take the jobs that are created. We want to help you write and implement and regulate the institutions and regulations that will make it possible to manage these new revenues wisely."

Hillary Clinton says US government departments are already working with the respective ministries in PNG to see how the US can be of help.