5 Nov 2010

Ahead of Tonga election, Pohiva calls for future full democracy

2:36 pm on 5 November 2010

A veteran campaigner for political reform in Tonga says his party will continue to push for full democracy in the country.

Later this month, Tongans get to elect the majority of their MPs for the first time, following reforms instituted earlier this year.

There is widespread support for the change but Akilisi Pohiva, the leader of the Friendly Islands Democratic Party, which is standing candidates in all 17 electorates, says additional reforms will need to be considered after the election.

"T here is still a long way to go. We still have inside our new structure, a small group of nine nobles who are not democratically elected. The new government will have to look at it but our ultimate goal is to establish a fully democratic government elected by the people."

Akilisi Pohiva says he would like to see those changes in place in time for the next scheduled election in 2014.