12 Nov 2010

Cook Islands political reform lobbyists say MPS should be educating constituents

10:18 am on 12 November 2010

The head of a political reform lobby group in the Cook Islands says politicians should be doing more to help people understand the issues behind next week's national referendum.

Voters will be asked during next Wednesday's general election if they think the number of MPs should be reduced from 24.

But Teina Mackenzie of Mou Piri says the question's being posed without context.

"I think that's a responsibility actually there should have been and should still be on current members of parliament in each constituency talking to the constituents about what does that mean, reducing, you know members of parliament. We're right back to the two political parties just bringing up issues about their past failures at this point for campaigning. You know I can understand why people who try to push for thnigs and then nothing comes of it, why they just want to drop it and leave it, because it's just too hard."