16 Nov 2010

Samoa opposition politicians pray for success in 2011 general elections

11:25 am on 16 November 2010

Opposition politicians in Samoa are fasting and praying for one day a week in order to secure success in the next general elections.

Candidates of Tautua Samoa Party, United Samoa Peoples' Party and Independents have formed an organisation called Tumua'i Tutusa.

The Chairman of the group, Afualo Dr Wood Salele, said they are seeking divine assistance to remain loyal to their goal to defeat the ruling Human Rights Protection Party.

It has been usual in the past for victorious opposition candidates to then be recruited by HRPP after they are persuaded to change sides with top job offers.

Afualo said one of the aims of their group is to fast and pray that this does not happen in 2011.