30 Nov 2010

Tokelau doctor says patients reluctant to eat well

7:30 pm on 30 November 2010

A doctor in Tokelau says despite its people being among the fattest in the world, they are reluctant to change their eating habits.

Tokelau, Nauru and American Samoa have been named in a World Health Organisation study as the most overweight and obese countries in the world this year.

Dr Bernhard Hummel says people have been consuming products with far too many hidden sugars.

He says although many weight control and healthy eating programmes are being offered, most patients he's assessed won't change their eating habits.

"I tried to find a way to cope with the situation. I do that by explaining that sugar should not go sky high within four spoon of sugar, or a soft drink, or 50 grams of sugar. I tried to explain that but my experience is they're basically not interested. They go along their way and I can't change them."

Dr Bernhard Hummel says the lack in motivation to change eating habits is of great concern as it is leading to early deaths.