31 Jan 2011

Solomon Islands PM says opposition using desperate methods to topple government

4:42 pm on 31 January 2011

The office of the Prime Minister in Solomon Islands has accused the opposition of using extraordinary and desperate measures to topple the government.

Danny Philip's coalition has been plagued by a series of defections over the last few weeks.

He's now called on the police to investigate the actions of opposition MP Douglas Ete.

Press secretary, Alfred Sasako, says the member for East Honiara allegedly used an ambulance to try to smuggle the chairman of the government caucus, Martin Maga, from his home to the opposition camp on Friday night.

"When the police arrived at the scene and opened the ambulance door they saw the member for East Honiara sitting in there in the ambulance. There were no doctors in there. There were no other paramedics. The family members just told the police to get the ambulance moving or it would be stoned."

Press secretary for the Solomon Islands' Prime Minister, Alfred Sasako.