8 Feb 2011

Samoan government official defends sale of telecom company

4:21 pm on 8 February 2011

The chairman of the Samoa government's privatisation committee, Tupa'imatuna Iulai Lavea, is defending the proposed sale of the telecommunications company, SamoaTel.

There have been criticisms that the company is worth a lot more than they government is selling it for.

The company is being sold to Blue Sky and Mr Lavea says he wants to clear up inaccuracies and misconceptions about the process surrounding the sale.

The Samoa Observer newspaper reports him saying the tender process was transparent and accountable and conducted according to best international practice.

Mr Lavea says the Blue Sky offer met all the conditions and requirements of the tender.

Blue Sky's offer is 11 million US dollars for 75 percent of the company or 14 point 6 million for full ownership but critics of the sale say SamoaTel was worth much more.