2 Mar 2011

Solomons PM to push Melanesian Economic Union

4:03 pm on 2 March 2011

The prime minister of Solomon Islands, Danny Philip, plans to promote his plans for a Melanesian Economic Union when the region's leaders meet in Suva later this month.

A spokesperson for the prime minister, Alfred Sasako, says Mr Philip is concerned the Melanesian nations are finding it increasingly difficult to access aid without strings attached from traditional donors.

Mr Sasako says Mr Philip also wants the other Melanesian countries poised to benefit from the coming resources boom in Papua New Guinea.

"Unless and until the other members of the grouping look at a framework that could perhaps access some of the benefits from there [ Papua New Guinea], that I think it's important that that sort of concept is discussed now rather than later."

Alfred Sasako, a spokesperson for the Solomons' prime minister