21 Mar 2011

Kiribati eyes better public transport once potholes filled, roads resurfaced

7:55 pm on 21 March 2011

The Ministry of Public Works and Utilities in Kiribati expects better public transport once the main road in South Tarawa is rehabilitated.

The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank have signed loans of 12 million US dollars and 25 million respectively for improvements to 32 kilometres of the main road and eight kilometres of access roads.

The ministry's Moanataake Beiabure says the roads have deteriorated badly over time.

"Well the benefit of improving these is we have a more efficient transport system. At the moment public transport is doesn't really exist because of the road conditions. The breakdown of vehicles is one of the problems now faced with the public enterprises which is operating the public transport."

Moanataake Beiabure says the ministry expects the plans to be finalised by May and hopes construction can begin early next year.