11 Apr 2011

Federal funding helps meet costs of tsunami's impact on Hawaii

3:20 pm on 11 April 2011

Civil defence in Hawaii says the granting of federal aid for losses sustained in the Japanese tsunami will help cover the 8.5 million dollar cost of the emergency response and damage to public infrastructure.

Civil Defence says this includes damage to a major road, a 19th century historic palace, a pier, and many small boat harbours.

The state was made eligible for federal aid after the signing of a declaration by the US President Barack Obama.

It says the federal aid will not cover damage to private homes and businesses, which are being assisted with low interest loans.

Hawaii Civil Defence vice-director Ed Teixeira says the state needs federal help to cope with the disaster.

"There are some things that we could cover but you know we're all financially challenged so if there are programmes available to help to reimburse our costs at the state and county level lets take advantage of it."