18 Apr 2011

Doubts over promise to pay relocation costs for former Fiji miners

1:55 pm on 18 April 2011

The President of the Fiji Mine Workers Union says he is doubtful the government will honour its promise to pay former workers of the Vatukoula Gold Mine, who are being forced out of the settlement adjacent to the mine.

The more than 200 former employees and their families have been told they must move out by December, as they are living on the company's land.

The President of the Union, Josefa Sadreu is critical of the government's promise to pay for the relocation costs and believes the people have a right to choose to remain in Vatukoula.

"They've got every right to stay because they live there, they were born there, they stay there for their life from 1932 til 2011 now. They were brought up there. Some people in the strike were brought up there, they were born in Vatukoula, they stay in Vatukoula, they look at Vatukoula as their home."

Josefa Sadreu says he has made an appointment with the interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama to discuss the issue.