21 Apr 2011

Vanuatu's Regenvanu says support within police to act on coroner's report

8:28 am on 21 April 2011

Vanuatu's Justice Minister, Ralph Regenvanu, says there's support from within the police to act on recommendations in a coroner's report which called for major changes in the force's operation.

The report, released a year ago, looked into the death of prisoner, John Bule, after a police interrogation, and made sweeping recommendations to the force which the coroner said had little respect for the rule of law.

Mr Regenvanu has set up commission to find out why there's been no apparent action on those recommendations.

It includes a former head of the police paramilitary unit and a current senior officer and Mr Regenvanu's confident they'll deliver.

"We should not assume that everyone in the police is trying to cover it up. There are certain elements in the police you could say that perhaps have prevented this from happening, but there are other elements that very much want to see the good name of the Vanuatu police force cleared and the Vanuatu Mobile Force cleared and the correct people identified and prosecuted."

Vanuatu's Justice Minister, Ralph Regenvanu.