27 Apr 2011

CNMI Bill seeks to gauge voters position on reunification with Guam

7:22 pm on 27 April 2011

A new bill has been drawn up seeking to place a plan to reunify the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas with Guam on the ballot in the 2012 general elections.

Joseph Palacios has prepared the bill which mirrors the legislation introduced by the Guam Senator Judith Guthertz asking voters about reunification with the CNMI.

Just like in Ms Guthertz's bill, the question to voters in Mr Palacios' bill is a non-binding one.

He says the main intention of the bill is to see whether CNMI voters are open to the proposal.

The Northern Marianas Delegate in the US Congress, Gregorio Kilili Sablan, has reservations, saying the CNMI has a much smaller population than Guam.