4 May 2011

Pacific diets may change because of climate change

1:45 pm on 4 May 2011

Experts say people in the Pacific may have to make adjustments to their diets as more extreme weather impacts on traditional crops.

Scientists from around the Pacific will be learning about assessing climate change and its impact on agriculture during a workshop in Fiji over the next three weeks.

Roger Eduardo Rivero Vega, a world renowned agro-meteorologist from Cuba, is one of the lead trainers.

He says scientists could recommend certain types of crops that are more robust in warmer climates.

"Introducing new varieties of crops more adaptive to the new climate conditions is one of the most important options that we have at our disposal. That could lead to modification in our feeding habits, maybe we should be learning to eat new foods that are not traditional."

The workshop is being run by the United Nations Development Programme Pacific Centre along with other regional agencies.