5 May 2011

Conflict in south Bougainville stopping development

6:49 pm on 5 May 2011

Bougainville's president says it's not feasible to start developing the Konnou region in the south of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province because of lawlessness there.

The comment comes as the police say the region's not safe for their unarmed officers to police and civil society organisations to prepare to approach the militants to get them to stop killing civilians.

John Momis says his administration has development plans for Konnou but it's not feasible to start any projects.

"Because number one, the Konnou area comprises of a whole lot of people who don't see eye-to-eye and unless we get them to agree to work together it is in fact irresponsible to start embarking on something that's will only end up in smoke."

John Momis says United Nations peacekeepers may be needed if a summit he's called of the wider south Bougainville community doesn't come up with ways to solve the problem internally.