11 May 2011

Terms of reference being compiled for inquiry into PNG "land grab"

1:06 pm on 11 May 2011

Terms of reference are being compiled for an investigation in Papua New Guinea into what's been dubbed a land grab for logging by disgruntled landowners.

The acting Prime Minister's technical adviser, Dominic Sengi, says Sam Abal announced in parliament yesterday that a commission of inquiry into Special Agricultural and Business Leases or SABLs is to be launched.

Mr Sengi says the commission's terms of reference are being drawn up today.

Mr Abal's earlier announcement of a moratiorum on SABLs has drawn commendation from civil society organisations, including Act Now.

The programme manager, Effrey Dademo, says there's been public outrage at the granting of leases over customary land without the consent of the owners.