17 May 2011

Politician in Niue says island will have a strong opposition

8:14 am on 17 May 2011

A politician in Niue says there will be a strong opposition even if his camp fails to form a new government today.

MP Terry Coe says his camp will nominate Togia Sioneholo for premier and John Operator Tiakia as speaker when the Legislative Assembly meets this morning.

But Mr Coe admits that the former Premier Toke Talagi appears to have enough support to form a government, with ten members.

However, he says even if his side is not successful, the new government won't go unchallenged in parliament.

"I think we're going to have a good opposition, better than what you know I've been doing virtually by myself. Vaainga Tuikitonga, the lady who's on our side, she's been helping me a great deal. But we need more than two to speak up on these motions and ask questions."

Terry Coe says his camp has about eight members, but will try to win more support from those who may be undecided ahead of the meeting.