27 May 2011

American Samoa Port Administration expects MV Sili to pass second trial run

7:36 am on 27 May 2011

The director of American Samoa's Port Administration says he expects the government vessel MV Sili to pass a Coastguard inspection this morning.

While the boat's been undergoing engine repairs over the past few weeks the territory's Manu'a group have been without transport to the main island of Tutuila and have run out of fuel, frozen food and bottled water.

Matagi McMoore says the Coastguard failed the boat's trial run yesterday, saying sludge oil needed to be pumped out of the engine.

He says hopefully the boat'll be able to leave for Manu'a tonight

"I do apologise to the people of Manu'a but you know, things do happen. It's an old boat and the engine has been due for overhaul but it runs pretty good now, like a brand new engine."

Matagi McMoore says the plan is to run a couple of trips to Manu'a before taking the boat off the water again for another week in order to overhaul the other engine.