30 May 2011

New Marshalls women's radio eyes expansion

1:29 pm on 30 May 2011

The national women's organisation in the Marshall Islands has plans to start educational programming on its new radio station this week.

Women United Together Marshall Islands launched an FM station in Majuro last week, with 20,000 US dollars from the Canada Fund.

It's the country's first radio station to be operated by a women's group, broadcasting for ten and a half hours a day.

A spokesperson, Erin Jacobs, says WUTMI FM has been playing mostly music and community notices, but wants to add more information programmes.

"The purpose of the radio station is to be able to get out information, about topics important to the people of the Marshall Islands, especially women and young people, but to everybody, about WUTMI. We do a lot of projects for social projects and we have projects with violence against women, domestic violence, and one for substance abuse, and one for parenting skills."

Erin Jacobs says they are seeking more funding to hire permanent staff and want to extend transmissions beyond Majuro on an AM frequency.