2 Jun 2011

Media group urges Fiji to lift censorship

3:07 pm on 2 June 2011

The regional media monitoring body, the Pacific Freedom Forum, the PFF, has challenged the Fiji regime to free its media as the best way of achieving its edict that journalists should 'Think Fiji First'.

The Forum was responding to a call from the interim government's spokesperson, Sharon Smith-Johns, that journalists there should 'Think Fiji first' and report in a fair and balanced way.

It says it's an ironic statement given the restrictions placed on the media by the regime.

The Forum's Susuve Laumaea says it's clear in Fiji's case that balance and fairness are defined as content which lets a leadership avoid scrutiny and debate over its decisions.

The Forum has called on Ms Smith-Johns and the interim government to consider allowing a team of Pacific journalists to visit Fiji and discuss these issues with colleagues and the regime.