16 Aug 2011

Fiji police probe hate speech on facebook

1:40 pm on 16 August 2011

The cyber crime unit of Fiji Police is investigating alleged hate speech on the social networking site, Facebook.

One is called the 'anti Labasa club' and another the 'anti-Suva' where members make discriminatory and derogatory references of each other.

A police spokesperson, Theresa Ralogaivau, says they are warning social media users to be careful about what they post because they could be breaking Fiji law.

"References to people from Labasa having sexual relations with animals, that is alluded to in the website. So this is very offensive, and in the past we've had cases, in Labasa especially, where people have protested to these kinds of references. So we are being proactive about this, making sure that it doesn't lead to violence."

Fiji Police's Theresa Ralogaivau.