17 Aug 2011

Tonga's youth expected to benefit from high speed internet

4:17 am on 17 August 2011

Tonga's Ministry of Information and Communications says young people will especially benefit from improved access to high speed internet links.

This week, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank announced they would fund about 80 percent of the cost of Tonga joining up to the Southern Cross Cable, the underwater fiberoptic cable between Australia and the United States.

The ministry's Chief Executive, Paula Ma'u, says the remainder of the 34 million dollar US cost has been secured and the whole project should be completed by the end of next year.

Mr Ma'u says the opportunities provided by greater internet access are numerous.

"Not only for government's ministeries, departments, the private sector but also for our youth. We think that the students now are more passionate about internet and all the opportunities of it. Through the internet employment wise or study wise ,financially, there will be a huge benefit."

Paula Ma'u says the cable will join the Southern Cross Cable at Suva.