7 Sep 2011

Speaker of Vanuatu's Parliament removed from his position

11:04 am on 7 September 2011

Vanuatu's Parliament has finally removed Maxime Carlot-Korman from his position as speaker of parliament, after three earlier attempts had failed.

Parliament sat yesterday following a Supreme Court order which the prime minister, Sato Kilman had filed.

Mr Kilman had challenged Mr Carlot-Korman's ruling last week that a government motion to remove him was in breach of standing orders and invalid.

Mr Carlot-Korman said that standing orders only required one motion to remove a speaker or a prime minister but his office had received three different motions against him.

However yesterday, Vanuatu's supreme court ruled the motion to remove Mr Carlot-Korman last month was in order.

Mr Carlot-Korman, the oldest MP and first Vanuatu's speaker of parliament, was then ousted last night by 27 government MPs with 15 opposed to the move

Parliament has elected a new speaker, the MP for Banks/Torres Dunstun Hilton from Mr Kilman's People Progressive Party.