19 Sep 2011

Vanuatu fisheries minister accuses key subordinate of fraud

4:16 pm on 19 September 2011

Vanuatu's minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, James Ngwango, is accusing the director of Fisheries, Moses Amos, of fraud and has called on the Public Service Commission to investigate.

Mr Ngwango says he has documents that shows Mr Amos used ministerial information for personal gain.

Mr Ngwango says in a letter to the commission that the report relates to the salvage of a fishing vessel.

He alleges that Mr Amos's actions constituted a breach of duty, conflict of interest and clear act of taking advantage of a public office for personal gain.

Last month, Mr Amos documented the successful repairs to the badly damaged fishing vessel.

He explained he'd authorised the use of fisheries officers and casual workers in order to prevent thousands of litres of oil and diesel spilling into Port Vila harbour.