15 Oct 2011

Airlines PNG says it will support the families of 28 people who died in plane crash

9:10 am on 15 October 2011

Three of the survivors from a plane crash in Papua New Guinea that killed 28 people have been flown from a local hospital to Port Moresby.

The New Zealand co-pilot, Campbell Wagstaff, survived, along with the flight's Australian pilot, another crew member and a passenger.

Mike Wagstaff says he has spoken to his son, and was glad to hear that he is fine.

28 people died in the crash; all of them are believed to be from Papua New Guinea.

A spokesperson for Airlines PNG, Erastus Kamburi, says the company will support their families.

"We join with the mourning and the sadness of the entire nation, in this truly dreadful day for Papua New Guinea and its people. We will do whatever is needed to find the answers as to what happened and share those answers with you all."