8 Nov 2011

Bid to preserve Niuean language in New Zealand

1:52 pm on 8 November 2011

A trust has been set up to focus on preserving the Niuean language in New Zealand.

The trust will aim to help support groups working to retain the language.

The Vagahau Niue NZ Trust will encourage and promote the use of language amongst Niuean people in New Zealand, particularly the young.

The Trust's chairperson, Mele Nemaia, says one of the first things to do is to secure funding and draw up a three to five year strategy.

"One of our main aims is actually if we are lucky in the future to have money to actually help support these groups and to get this Vagahau group going, and to maintain and to actually use the Vagahau Niue, and for the sake of our future Niueans who are actually in New Zealand."

The chair of the Vagahau Niue NZ Trust, Mele Nemaia.