14 Nov 2011

Electricity supply in Palau remains at half capacity a week after fire at plant

8:10 pm on 14 November 2011

Electricity supplies across Palau are functioning at half their capacity as the country struggles to recover from a fire that destroyed generators at a main power plant.

The Government declared a state of emergency a week ago following the blaze at the Aimeliik Power Plant.

The President's Press Secretary Firman Meriant says power is still being rationed.

"Each section of Koror, the main commercial area, subject to about four hour outages on a periodical basis. Up in the big island Babeldaob they're hooked up to a separate power generator and they're subject to eight hour power outages. They don't have power in the daytime and then power comes on at five over to eight o'clock the next morning."

Firman Meriant says the Palau government anticipates supply will not be fully restored until next month at the earliest.