20 Dec 2011

Sport: FRU try to make best of miltary sanctions

10:20 am on 20 December 2011

The outgoing CEO of the Fiji Rugby Union says it has learnt to accept that fielding a full strength team in some international tournaments is not possible.

Players and coaching staff connected with the Fiji military are unable to travel to New Zealand and Australia because of travel sanctions.

Last year the FRU chairman, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, suggested Fiji would consider boycotting the Wellington and Gold Coast legs of the World Sevens Series if they were unable to send their best side.

Fiji did compete, and won, the Gold Coast event last month, despite a handful of players and new head coach Alifereti Dere remaining in Fiji.

Pio Bosco Tikoisuva, who will step down as acting CEO next week, says they've learnt to work within their limitations.

"Unfortunately the political relationship between our three countries we really have no say. We just have to accept whatever the political climate is at the time and then work around it. But we are still progressing - we are trying to select a potential squad knowing very well that there are certain players and officials who cannot travel to the Wellington Sevens, we have accepted that."

Pio Bosco Tikoisuva will retire upon stepping down as acting CEO and says he's looking forward to having more free time after a more than 40 year involvement with rugby as a player and administrator.