28 Dec 2011

Fiji capital city official calls for action on homeless and others on the streets

4:28 pm on 28 December 2011

An official with the Suva City Council in Fiji says greater effort needs to made get homeless people and prostitutes off the streets.

The Fiji Times reports Suva's special administrator, Chandu Umaria, saying there are a lot of social problems in the city with an increase in the numbers of beggars, street kids, homeless people and prostitutes.

He says these people impede the movement of others on the streets and it's not a good look for the tourism industry.

He says the city council will need to work with the relevant government departments, the police and NGOs to try and overcome the problems.

Mr Umaria says they will also have to talk with the people themselves and find out why they are on the streets and how the city can accommodate them.

He says this would include identifying alternative sources of income for prostitutes.