28 Jan 2012

O'Neill confirms investigation into PNG landslide

8:31 am on 28 January 2012

PNG's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says an independent team will investigate the site of a landslide which is believed to have killed dozens of people.

The landslide occurred within the parameters of Exxon Mobil's Liquified Natural Gas project site, and reports from the affected area say the number of people buried could be as high as 60.

Many locals are already blaming the multi-billion dollar project for the landslide, saying a nearby quarry used for the project involved explosives which unsettled the earth.

Peter O'Neill has indicated there will be an investigation but stopped short of pointing the finger at ExxonMobil.

"The area is known for very high rainfall, continuous rainfall [for] well over 3 or 4 weeks, so as a result of that, there has been some slippage happening around the area. So, let an independent team investigate, and then come back to us."