7 Feb 2012

Togiola moves to take control of cash-strapped American Samoa hospital

2:50 pm on 7 February 2012

The American Samoan Governor Togiola Tulafono has sent to the Fono a bill that will repeal the law that established the American Samoa Medical Center Authority and place the LBJ Tropical Medical Center back under the authority of the Department of Health.

This comes after the LBJ Hospital Board rejected Togiola's call to rescind fee increases which have come into effect today.

Togiola says the only things that will change with this proposed legislation is the dissolution of the Board and the repeal from the law of the position of Chief Executive Officer.

All medical operations of the hospital are expected to remain the same, except the new rates will be cancelled as soon as the transfer back to the government is finalised.

The governor says he is appointing two senior officials from his administration to meet with LBJ this Wednesday to review all the finances and financial records of the authority in order to effect an expedient and smooth transition.