8 Feb 2012

CNMI power costs prompt shorter school days

2:25 pm on 8 February 2012

The principal of San Antonio Elementary School in the Northern Marianas says the curriculum at his school will not be disrupted despite his students having half an hour less in school each day.

All public elementary schools in the CNMI had been told to dismiss students 45 minutes earlier each day in order to reduce power costs.

James Sablan says the Commissioner of Education has allowed his school to close just 30 minutes earlier, which means the curriculum will not be disrupted.

"When I was looking at our schedule that 30 minute block was an extra study session for our students where teachers could use that 30 minutes to wrap up a lesson if they aren't able to do so or to do an activity inside the classroom but as far as all subjects are being taught, English, social studies, science, math."

James Sablan says public elementary schools in the CNMI hope to collectively save four million US dollars a year through the cut.