16 Apr 2012

American Samoa's renewable energy efforts lauded

3:06 pm on 16 April 2012

American Samoa is being lauded for making renewable energy one of its priority projects for Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding

An official with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Misty Conrad, says investing in renewable energy now will bear fruits for the territory in the future.

She says American Samoa is the only territory she knows that has conducted studies about the viability of wind power.

"And it's important because it helps to reduce the risk to investors. You need to understand what your wind regimes are, what the speeds are, what the turbulence is, to make sure that you're purchasing the right size, the right type of wind turbine."

The US Renewable Energy Laboratory's Misty Conrad.

Nearby Tokelau is aiming to be using 90-percent renewable energy by the end of the year, using solar energy.