11 May 2012

Homes built for Tonga tsunami victims, three years on

8:32 am on 11 May 2012

Nearly three years after the 2009 tsunami hit Niuatoputapu, 39 new homes have been built.

The tsunami, triggered by a powerful earthquake, claimed nine lives on Niuatoputapu, 143 in Samoa and 34 in American Samoa.

Work began in February to build new houses for families who became homeless after the 2009 tsunami.

It's costing more than 4 millions Pa'anga and is being funded by the World Bank.

The new homes have been built in-land, and plots have been divided up for large families who previously lived closer to the beach.

37 homes which weren't completely destroyed, have been renovated.

New shops, bakeries, and a community centre have also been built.