21 May 2012

Retiring PNG Opposition Leader sees bigger role for NGOs in helping governments

7:25 pm on 21 May 2012

Papua New Guinea's retiring Opposition leader, Dame Carol Kidu, says NGOs need to work more closely with government to ensure policy gets implemented.

Dame Carol is not standing for re-election at next month's poll, ending 15 years in parliament.

She says in her time as Community Development Minister she initiated a lot of policy but wonders if it will be implemented.

She says relying on government alone for implementation won't work in PNG.

Dame Carol says she would like to see something like a community development foundation set up, allowing the government to facilitate the policy and the community to put it into practice.

"There are very good NGOs, international NGOs, working in communities and I am certainly not talking about we chase them all out. I don't want to give the wrong impression but I would desire that they work closer with government policy because it helps government to implement the policy and it strengthens government and that is what we have to constantly do in Papua New Guinea."