29 May 2012

Namah defends bursting into PNG court

1:37 pm on 29 May 2012

Papua New Guinea's caretaker deputy prime minister, Belden Namah, has defended storming into a court room last week in his bid to arrest the Chief Justice, saying it is a new leadership style.

Mr Namah, with a team of soldiers and police, burst into the court aiming to arrest Sir Salamo Injia for treason and sedition.

Sir Salamo and another judge Nicholas Kirriwom have since been charged with sedition.

Mr Namah's actions have been described as appalling by Transparency International PNG.

But the newspaper, The National, reports that in a speech at the weekend he said people might find his leadership style new and dfferent but they will come to appreciate the bold actions he is taking.

Mr Namah justifies his actions by saying some members of the judiciary were vindictive and playing politics.

He says people will eventually praise him for what he calls his courageous actions.