13 Jun 2012

International award for Samoan woman highlights potential for Pacific economies

1:20 pm on 13 June 2012

The Samoan recipient of an international leadership award says it will shine the spotlight on the potential for small family businesses in the Pacific region.

"Adimaimalaga (AN-DEE-MY-MALANGA) Tafuna'i has just returned home after collecting the prize for economic empowerment from the United States-based non-government organisation, Vital Voices."

For more than 20 years Ms Tafuna'i has helped encourage Samoan women in business and get products like coconut oil and coffee into overseas markets.

She says the high-profile award gives global recognition to the challenges people in the region are facing economically.

How we bring people into this global marketplace and how we have people who live in very vulnerable areas, far away from markets and how we're finding markets on the other side of the world.

Adimaimalaga (AN-DEE-MY-MALANGA) Tafuna'i