13 Jun 2012

Vanuatu kava expert says European ban will take years to overturn

6:47 pm on 13 June 2012

A local expert on kava says it will be years before Vanuatu can resume kava exports to European countries despite Vanuatu's ambassador to the European Union this week saying the ban could soon be overturned.

The African, Caribbean and Pacific ministers have agreed to take a resolution to the European Union Council of Ministers to have the ten-year ban reversed.

But Charlot Long Wah who started the commercialisation of kava in early 1980 says they can't push their case without doing the ground work to convince European officials that it's safe.

"Scientifically kava has no report on any analytic nutritional value, the problem is we cannot work it until we make our job"

in the analytic information research and all that. It will take years before we can export anything.

Charlot Long Wah says Vanuatu should pull out of the Pacific Kava Council because it's not taking the issue of kava export seriously and believes it would be better off exporting directly to countries.